LaRicka Wingate, Ph.D.

Clinical Psychology Faculty


Florida State University



Dr. LaRicka Wingate established the Suicide Risk and Resilience Lab at Oklahoma State University in 2006 for the purpose of examining the psychology of suicide thoughts and behavior. The lab was formerly referred to as The Laboratory for the Study of Suicide Risk and Resilience or LSSRR. Over time, there has been a shift in the focus of the lab research to incorporate aspects of positive psychology and minority mental health. Dr. Wingate and her lab have published in the areas of stress generation, suicidology, positive psychology, American Indian/Alaska Native suicide, Black suicide, and race-specific risk and protective factors. Dr. Wingate is one of the very few suicidologists across the country that do innovative work focusing on suicide in racial/ethnic minority people. The broader focus of her work that is strengths-based is setting the standard in the field of investigators who examine psychopathology in racial and ethnic minorities. Dr. Wingate is currently focusing exclusively on Black/African American mental health.



Interpersonal causes, correlates, and consequences of both suicidal behavior. Specifically, resilience, strengths, protective factors, suicide risk assessment, and suicidality in ethnic minority groups.




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