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MINOR IN AFRICANA STUDIES is an interdisciplinary minor for students who would like to explore the Diaspora of Africa with a particular interest in African American issues. This minor enhances the development of a multicultural academic orientation for students. Courses from Anthropology, Business, English, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology are included in the curriculum. A minor in Africana Studies prepares the student for graduate or professional school or careers in business, education, management, law and government. The Africana Studies Minor requires a minimum of 18 semester hours of African and African American related coursework.

Required Courses: 3 hours from: HIST 4153, HIST 4163, GEOG 3763, POLS 3953
6 hours from: ENGL 3193, PSYC 4133, SOC 3133, REL 3613
Elective Courses: 9 hours from: ANTH 3353, HIST 3503, HIST 4173, MGMT 4213, POLS 3973,
SOC 4383

One-Half of Upper Division coursework must be completed in residence at OSU.

CONTACT PERSON: Vincent Burke, 519 MSCS, 744-5569

ANTH 3353
(S)Cultural Anthropology

Introduction to culture, various subdisciplines of cultural anthropology, anthropological concepts, and capsule ethnographies of assorted ethnic groups

ENGL 3193
(H)African American Literature
Origins and development of a literary tradition in its historical and cultural context.

GEOG 3763
(I,S)Geography of Africa
General patterns and impact of population, cultural heritage, and natural resources in Africa. Historic and contemporary relationships between Africa and Western civilization. Divergent perspectives (debate) on development, government and conflict in Africa.

HIST 3133
(H)African Diaspora History

Introduction to the origin, development, and maturation of the African Diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean, from the transatlantic slave trade to the mid-20th century. Emphasis is placed on a critical reading and discussion of a selection of essays, historiographies and primary materials on diasporic and transnational experiences and identities of Africans, African descendents, and Caribbean transmigrants.

HIST 3503
(H)Islamic Civilization 600-1800

Rise of Islam in Arabia and subsequent spread to Africa, Asia and Europe. Nature of Islamic civilization through discussion of political, social, cultural and economic institutions established in the Middle Ages as well as diversity of Islamic traditions.

HIST 3773
(S)Old South

Social, political and industrial conditions in the South before the Civil War.

HIST 3783
(H)New South

Recent history and major current social and economic problems of the southern regions of the United States.

HIST 4153
(D,H)African American History, 1619-1865

Overview of the history of African Americans from the onset of slavery and the slave trade to the Civil War. Topics include: African background; interaction between Africans, Indians and Europeans; development of slavery; forms of resistance; rise of the abolitionist movement; and conditions of free blacks.

HIST 4163
(D,H)African American History, 1865-1954

Major issues and actions from the beginning of the Civil War to the 1954 Supreme Court decision. Focus on political and social history: transition from slavery to emancipation and Reconstruction; the Age of Booker T. Washington; urban migrations, rise of the ghettoes; the ideologies and movements from integration to black nationalism.

HIST 4173
(D,H)Black Intellectual History

Examines the nature of black social and political thought from the early 18th to the mid-20th century and the contributions made by black intellectuals to discussions of race, citizenship and nationality. Emphasis is placed on topics of abolitionism, labor movements, populism, socialism, pan-Africanism, feminism, and the civil rights movement.

POLS 3953
(D,S)Minorities in the American Political System

Prerequisite(s): 1113. Examination of mass and elite level behavior of minorities in the contemporary U.S. political system.

POLS 3973
(D,S)Race, Politics, and Sports

Prerequisite(s): 1113. Examination of the intersectionality of race, politics, and sports in the contemporary American political system.

PSYC 4133
(S)Psychology of Minorities

Prerequisite(s): 1113. Review of psychological theories and research pertinent to minority group status.

REL 3613
(H,I)African Cultures and Religion

Key ideas, values and achievements in African culture and tradition as found in literature, art, and music viewed in historical and religious perspective.

SOC 2123
Social Problems

Exploration in selected social issues in contemporary American society, such as deviance, poverty, sexism, racism and ageism.

SOC 3323
(S)Collective Behavior and Social Movements

Analyzes panics, crazes, riots and social movements emphasizing institutional and social psychological origins and consequences.

SOC 4383
(S)Social Stratification

Systems of class and caste, with special attention to the United States. Status, occupation, income, and other elements in stratification.

SOC 5663*
American Pluralism, Race and Ethnicity in American Life

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing. Analysis of the dynamics of intercultural and intergroup relations in America with special emphasis on the examination of major conceptual perspectives that have characterized the study of race and ethnicity in American life.